We are E&A Cleaning

Before 1994 ceased, Central Florida saw the future of janitorial services born. E&A Cleaning Inc. began with a devoted, small team and a huge goal-To provide our community with a quality and professional cleaning service. With our team of dedicated staff and diligent managers, we have grown to be the largest and most dependable company in Central Florida. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with our outstanding services.


We provide a wide range of janitorial services. Please look through and see if any pique your interest!

Who Are We

Our staff of diligent employees will make you feel as if you are a part of our growing family. Learn more about them!

Employment Opportunities

This is where you can find our employment application. Complete it and send it in. We'll be in contact promptly.


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Cleaning and You

Tired of searching and experimenting for hours for a cleaning solution only to be let down in the end? We have it solved with our one-stop-site of cleaning tips, commercial and residential. Seek and you will find your solution.